Another visit to London…BJORK Digital Exhibition


This week, I payed a flying visit to London to see the BJORK Digital Exhibiton in Somerset House. At university, our current module that we’re working on is Fashion and the Moving Image, so we travelled up to see what this exhibition had to offer.

It was….


I mean, super clever. Some of you will probably know of Bjork, however if you’re like me and had never heard of the word Bjork in their life (guilty..) she was a 90s pop singer and you will probably recognise her song “All So Quiet” from an M&S Christmas advert. She took a step back from music and has now recently dived into the world of film and moving image. Like, literally dived I mean this exhibition was..pretty weird.

We were lead into various rooms with about 30 spinny stools; each one with a set of headphones and a virtual reality mask.  Once all seated, we put on our gear and experienced something…crazy. The films- which all featured Bjork-were played through this mask and it was like it was being played inside your head. They were all 360 degree films so we could spin around on our stools to see that it was going on all around us. If you suffer from motion sickness, it probably wouldn’t have been a great time for you. Each room played a different film, with the final room allowing us to stand in a space with our mask and headphones. I must admit, I was quite vocal (screamy) whilst ‘experiencing’ the films…there was a lot going on and at times got a bit much.

Each film seemed to get more technologically advanced; the first one simply Bjork singing on a deserted beach with a flowy bit of green fabric, to the final being a figure of Bjork made up of illuminous CGI light beams that she shot towards you, (that’s when I got a bit screamy..) I mean I have to say, It was probably the most futuristic thing I’ve ever been involved in and as much as I winced and just wanted to get the mask off my head, it was pretty cool.

Unfortunatley, we couldn’t take any pictures in the exhibition, unless we shoved our cameras under the mask.

However my friend did take a HILARIOUS selfie of herself in the mask…


(@rachaelewisss on instagram if you like the look of her…..)

So once that was all wrapped up, it was nice to get some fresh(ish) London air before the train journey home. Luckily, London views are perfect oppurtunities for picture time.









*photo credits to Rachael Lewis-that girl in the selfie.*



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