Satori Salon demo night


This is a pretty exciting blog post for me to be writing this week because I was invited to my first ever bloggers event!! I was so chuffed to have been asked and couldn’t wait to go and get some exciting juicy content for you all, instead of rattling my brain to think of something else going on in my life…besides constantly going out for lunch with my boyfriend.  BY the way, before I continue, just want to apologize for the fact that there was no blog post last week, I had just heard about this mega exciting event and nothing else seemed good enough to blog about in the lead up
…so hopefully this one will make up for that!

SO, let me tell you what this was all about. For those of you who live in Plymouth, you may know of Satori. They are a beauty salon sat on the second floor of Drake Circus shopping centre. A lot of people pressumed that they only did nail services because that’s all that is visble until you go inside. But no no no, on Friday I was introduced into a whoooole range of products and services that Satori provide and they are awesosat-editme.

Firstly, I got my first ever glimpse of Microblading. Microblading is known as eyebrow embroidery, so if you’re really serious about your eyebrows then this is for you. Using a tiny blade, they implant pigments which leaves thin, realistic hair strokes. It lasts for roughly 12-18 months so no more battling over which eyebrow looks the best in the morning, because they both will! This is one of the salon staff members having her second Microblading treatment.

Sticking to the theme of brows, I had my first ever eyebrow treatment. Yes believe it or not, I have never treated my eyebrows, not a pluck or wax in sight. Basically because I’m such a wimp when it comes to any sort of pain so I’ve just avoided doing that to myself. But I thought, today is the day I need to man up and sort out my brows. So I went all out and had an Eyebrow Threading treatment! On paper it seems like a strange way to trim your eyebrows because the only equipment used is….a piece of thread. Yep, that’s it! It’s a special thread though so don’t try this at home with some cotton from your nan’s sewing kit in the Quality Street tin. The thread is tied in a knot (a special knot) and held in between her teeth and fingers to whip those stray hairs right out. That’s not a great explanation because if I’m honest, Isat-edit-2 have no idea how she really did it…but it worked!! I now have nice looking eyebrows in one super quick, (relitively) painless treatment. One little tip: wear waterproof mascara because your eyes water..a lot.

This is me trying to look really calm and cool and in no pain at all….

Now when I first heard ‘Skin Mapping’ I didn’t quite know what to think, but suprisingly enough it’s pretty self explanatory. It’s a machine…that maps your skin.

BASICALLY you place your chin on a little rest, and the camera takes two bright snaps of the right hand side of your face (because it’s believed that side is exposed to more UV rays, particularly if you’re a driver.) This picks out six skin features; spots, wrinkles, texture, pores, brown spots (UV damage) and red areas (raised blood in the skin). Then it prints it out in a little facial assessment report so you can see all the flaws in your skin. Which is always great right?


In all seriousness, it was so interesting to see the hidden parts of your skin that you can’t see so don’t really take notice of! They talk you through each image and explain what all the marks mean and recommend products to use to help fight any issues that come up! I never knew a treatment like this existed and it’s so useful for anyone who just wants to really sort their skin out, inside and out!sat-edit

The prosecco really helped to come to terms with the problems in my skin…

So once you’ve mapped your skin, had your eyebrows threaded and then microbladed on, you can finish off your groomed, new face with a makeover! Satd-editori are stockists of the ‘delilah’ makeup brand and their collection is gorgeous!


Their concealers are possibly the silkiest I’ve ever felt and their colours are beautiful. They have everything from foundation primers and powders, to eyeliners and brushes. Definitley worth a try!

These are just a selection of some of Satori’s treatments so please pay them a visit and explore what they have to offer. It is a STUNNING salon with super lovely staff so you will not regret it.

This was such an exciting event for me to blog about and I really hope there will be more of these to come. Watch this space!



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