London called; they want their tourists back.

I spent only 2 nights in London this week and I realised when I got back how much that place can really get a grip on you in such a short space of time. I realised this when I got on the escalator in town and immediately stood to the right, acting on the crucial London underground rule. If you have never been to London (well then you need to) and you aren’t aware of this rule, step on the moving escalator in the underground and stand smack bang in the middle and see what happens, go on, dare ya.

My visit to Laandaan on this occasion was to be a good old proper tourist and I loved every bit of it. Myself and my boyfriend Ollie, (who has now started up his own blog too now which is pretty exciting-I shall pop that in at the end) did the full capital city works; Madame Tussauds, London Dungeons, Oxford Street shopping, theatre show the lot. We did however really try to smoothly fit in to the London life, acting as though we were just a cool London couple who knew exactly what they were doing and where they were going. Even when we got on the wrong tube and subtly slid off at the next stop with all our luggage…

These are just some snippets from our visit…





My outfits pictures can be found on my Instagram where I’ve tagged my outfit details because I’m just that nice. I also know the struggle of seeing a picture of something you like, having no idea where it’s from and trailing the internet looking for it for so long you end up going off it in the end…

OH and these are my new shoes, they have nothing to do with London but I just loveΒ them…shoes












How lush are they.

AND as I previously mentioned, my lovely man has now started up his own fashion and lifestyle blog because I’m such an inspiration to him *hair swish*. He is known as Brogues and Bacon (I helped him think of that brilliant name *hair swish*) and you should definitely start paying his blog a visit. He’s a lot like me, just probably a bit funnier.

Until next week!



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