My Top 6 Lush Products


Apologies for my disappearence and lack of posting over the last month; other bits of work and life kind of took over and truthfully-I had a brain block and could not think of a topic to share with you…But I’m back!

Today I wanted to talk about my experience with Lush and they’re gorgeous products. I have posted about Lush previously; (which you can have a read through again right here if you’d like –>Operation:Clear up Beth’s skin. how handy’s that), where I mentioned my experience in choosing the right products for my skin for the first time, and leaving you in anticipation to whether it would help my poor little face. And I can reveal…IT HAS!

Now I realise that titling this post as ‘My Top 6 Lush Products’ isn’t as snappy as ‘My Top 5’…but I have six that I love and couldn’t leave one out… Allow me to begin:

At number 6…

Mask of Magaminty

mask of mag edit

This gorgeously green face mask was one of my very first Lush products that I tried out-and I’ve stuck with it ever since. Slapping this thick paste onto my face is such a refreshing feeling and the little exfoliating beads that are mixed in really make it feel like it’s doing some good stuff. I leave it on for about 10 minutes (and then walk around the house showing everybody my green face which does get mixed reactions.) It soaks right into the skin during that time so does leave you with that “I can’t move my face” feeling, but once it is washed off, you’re left with the softest, cleanest feeling face that you will ever have.

In at 5…

Tea Tree Toner Water

Tea tree water edit

I couldn’t complete my daily skin routine without this bottle of loveliness. Toner water is known to be great for your skin, but this one is that bit more special. It’s antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-everything and specifically helps oily and spot prone skin which is just perfect. I use Tea Tree toner water following after another product (which will be mentioned later) by spritzing some onto a cotton wool pad and just wiping all over my face, leaving such a fresh, clean feel that smells divine thanks to the tea tree!

Number 4…

Grease Lightning-spot treatment

Grease lightning

This is quite a new addition to my Lush pile- I gave it a go a while back; used it once, didn’t get rid of my spots straight away so I gave up on it…which is what not to do. I went back into Lush recently begging for something to help clear my acne and was recommended this again. I was actually given this bottle for free as part of Lush’s ‘Pass it Forward’ treat which was super lovely! Whilst I was there, they told me the best way to use this treatment which is to rub a small blob of the treatment over the ‘spotty’ area, instead of just dabbing it onto one spot at a time as that in fact just dries it out. I’m so much happier and am already seeing results!

My 3…



This is one of two moisturisers on my list- I love them both! Enzymion was the first moisturiser that I tried because I was told how it is especially great for maintaining oily skin, and it really is! It’s so light and soaks into the skin straight away, so I’m never left with that wet-face feeling; having to wait for the majority of the morning for it to dry before I apply any makeup-so it’s a dream for when I’m in a rush. I have to mention the smell too-it’s SO yummy. In the description on the pot, it reveals how much fresh fruit is ‘squeezed into each pot’ and you can really believe that when your face is left with a gorgeous citrus smell.

In 2nd place…

Vanishing Cream

Vanishing Cream

My second moisturiser…Vanishing Cream! This one comes in very close next to Enzymion as they are both great, but Vanishing Cream has an extra little trick up it’s sleeve. I suffer with significant acne scarring from when I had an awful breakout when I was a younger teen and I have been searching for a solution (apart from scary lazer treatment…) ever since. So off I popped, back to Lush begging for a solution; and of course they gave me one! I’ve only been using this moisturiser for a couple of weeks and I’ve already seen a massive improvement in reducing the scarring; I’m very happy. Like Enzymion, it also disappears right into the skin; hence the name ‘Vanishing’ cream, and is great for oily skin. The only factor that puts it up against Enzymion-I do prefer the smell to Enzymion rather than this one. It does have a lovely lavender smell, but personally I prefer the fresh fruity smell of Enzymion. Other than that, I have to say it’s my favourite moisturiser!

And the winner is…



My #1 Lush product HAS to go to Ultrabland. And the nation must agree with me, because this is Lush’s #1 product also; they describe it as ‘the Lush founder’s number one desert island product.’ It’s so true, if I ever happen to be stuck on a desert island one day (I would rather not be…) but I would have to have this product with me. As it says above, Ultrabland is a facial cleanser and boy does it cleanse. Enriched with bees-wax, this ultra-natural, soft cream completely cares for my skin like a big warm cuddle. And it removes all makeup! I mean what can’t it do. Upon buying it, the Lush staff informed me that the drag queens in RuPaul’s Drag Race use Ultrabland to remove their makeup-and they wear a lot of it. It’s applied by being rubbed onto the face, over a full-face of makeup which feels a little odd on the first use, but I will NEVER go back to using face wipes. With a spritz of Tea Tree toner water-that I mentioned earlier- onto a cotton wool pad, wiping off Ultrabland along with your day’s work of makeup is my favourite feeling of the day.  My skin feels and looks the healthiest it’s ever been and along with all of my other favourite products-this is the reason.


All I can say is; thank you Lush for saving my skin and making it feel so darn good. I hope this post helps/advises anybody who is suffering with troubled skin; trust me you won’t be disappointed.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 11.37.39

*DISCLAIMER ALERT: I have not been asked to promote Lush or their products, this is purley a review post to recommend their products.*




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