I’ve recently discovered that lovely dog walk locations are pretty good places to take some cracking pictures for the blog-mostly because I’m on lovely dog walks so much so there’s plenty of opportunities;therefore no excuses for late posts *tut tut Beth*

I do love a nice long stroll with Ollie and my favourite springer spaniel-it fully chills me out. Autumn/Winter walks are my particular favourite because of all the scrummy gorgeous layers to wrap up in.

On this walk I wore my absolute favourite jumper to wear this season-a cream chunky high neck from Topshop. In fact-my entire outfit was from Topshop (and partly Topman which I will explain.) I paired the knit with a pair of black skinnies and also my favourite shoes to wear at the moment-my snake skin boots which get a lot of compliments. Aaaaand just before I hopped out the door and felt the chilly wind, I grabbed Ollie’s Topman camel coat for an oversized layer to stop me moaning about the cold.

So this is my first outfit blog post, and I hope that I can bring a lot more to come!

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 11.37.39


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