BALMAIN for H&M- I’m in LOVE.

In prep for the launch of Balmain’s collection for H&M which launches tomorrow!!! (05.11.15) I wanted to basically rave about how much I love it…and to show a selection of the pieces which are making my eyes light up and my jaw drop to the floor.


Olivier Rousteing is a wonderful man for bringing a snippet of his premium designer work down to us peasants so that we can at least pretend to think we look a little bit like Kendall Jenner, and some pieces are even at a reachable price! (some.)

The launch videos that have been surfacing over the past few weeks are so exciting to watch and is a perfect promotion for the collection launch. Here is my ultimate favourite so far…

I love Olivier Rousteing acting like a fashion puppeteer from the future in this.

So if this buzzed you with excitement like it does with me, take a look at some of my favourite pieces that would be more than welcome to have a special space in my wardrobe.

HM Balmain jacket

I’ll start with this one-My favourite. The famous look of Kendall Jenner in the billboards and promotions for H&M Balmain; the beaded velvet jacket sitting at £299.99 (so just one for the dreams for me I think.) I adore the colours and gorgeous pattern which would definitely turn heads in admiration. BIG fan.

HM Balmain trousers

The suit trousers in silk satin at a slightly more affordable £59.99. I LOVE these. A really elegant addition to an outfit and I love the loose fit paired with slick tailoring-I’d be interested to see how they look on.

HM Balmain t shirt

Now this one is a definitely on the cards to be going in my shopping basket-(mainly because of the achievable price but also because its probably one of the only ones I could wear around Plymouth without sticking out, looking like I should be in on a Milan catwalk.) Black T-shirt with velvet Balmain print at £24.99. This would be a simplistic but stylish look paired with a pair of black or grey jeans and some slip on skater shoes or Nike running trainers for casual wear or a pair of strappy heels if you want to jazz it up a little.

HM Balmain dress

Suppose I better show a little bit of colour…introducing the beaded velvet dress at a whopping £349.99. I wanted to zoom on the stunning detail of this dress! Worn by Kylie Jenner at the Balmain fashion show in New York, this truly is an A-List dress. GORGEOUS.

HM Balmain heels

Aaaaand last but not least…the strappy sandals for £119.99. I’m a big fan of a strappy heel so these immediately caught my eye. However I see these as a decoration for my wardrobe and something I showcase in a silk-lined box to my friends and family; in fear that I would get a scrap of dirt on them.

So those are my top 5 looks from Balmain’s new H&M collection, and I am super excited to be able to have access to the stunning work of Olivier Rouesting. If you are too, get onto and get ready to shop from the 5th November- the website is pretty damn cool too.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 11.37.39


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